Volcanic Eruption, 2021.

On the afternoon of March 19th, 2021, at 8:45 p.m. Icelandic time, a volcanic eruption took place in Geldingadalur (Fagradalsfjall), on the Reykjanes Peninsula, southwest of Iceland. There hasn’t been an eruption since 800 years ago in the area.

The fire peninsula

The Reykjanes Peninsula has been around 800 years without having any volcanic eruptions.

One week after the eruption, 1.8 millions of cubic meters of lava have slipped out from the craters so far. This kind of eruption is called a shield volcano eruption – a kind of eruption that hasn’t occurred since the end of the Ice Age in the island. A study of its volcanic materials suggests that the magma flows directly from the mantle, from a depth of 17-20 km.

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